Annual Events

Through service projects we work with the City of Memphis to improve our neighborhoods & address concerns of all different varieties and types.

Memphis Civitan 5K

The Memphis Civitan 5K is an annual 5K run, which serves as our major fundraising effort. Each year we raise around $30,000, which goes to support our beneficiaries.

Grill Thrill

Each year on Halloween, we serve hotdogs (actually turkey dogs) and snacks to the children of Bruce Elementary in Downtown Memphis. The kids are dressed up for Halloween and look forward to seeing our very own “Screaming Mustard Man,” Mr. Paul Lawler.

Cooper Young Festival (Kid’s Area)

Each year we host the Cooper Young Festival’s Kids Area.  This is another fundraiser for our beneficiaries.

Candy-Coin Box Project

Our candy boxes are located throughout the city of Memphis, and all proceeds go toward our beneficiary organizations.

Clergy Day

Civitans worldwide typically mark a week in February as a special time of appreciation for the clergy who serve their communities. This observance is an occasion for a special program to which we host a lunch honoring the clergy around the city of Memphis.

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